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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Days 29-31

One month down!! Wow - this has already been amazing! It has made me slow down and find something memory worthy everyday. This month I captured pre-dawn skyskapes, cheese pizzas, birthdays, and meeting Ann Curry! I cannot wait to see what the next month brings!!

January 31, 2009: Tonight I got a free dinner! There is a restaurant called BD's Mongolian BBQ. You choose a bunch of meats/fish/veggies/sauces and they stir-fry it for you on this massive grill. I had a birthday meal so we celebrated again!

January 30, 2009: What a week! Before shabbat started I thought that these lights were just so simple and beautiful and captured the end of a hectic week!

January 29, 2009: This was one of those days where I was worried I would find anything photo worthy. But as I walking back from the south side of campus where I rarely am I looked up at the huge crane building the new SIS building. I love heights, but it is the falling I fear. I cannot imagine climbing up this crane daily!
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