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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Days 14-15

Here are the last 2 days, I figured I may not get another chance to update until Sunday so I didn't want to leave any followers hanging! If you are a follower mind leaving a comment or becoming an official "follower" I want to feel "followed"! (you need not have an account to comment - so fear not)

PS: once again they are in reverse order

January 15, 2009: So third times a charm? Let's hope so or Steve Jobbs may want to hide from me! This is the picture of me starting up my third (yes 3rd) macbook in a 2.5 years. Not sure I am cursed, my powerbook was a gem before I started the macbook series. We'll see!

January 14, 2009: This is big folks! Yes that is REAL DAIRY cream cheese! And I ate it! Wow it was soooo good. I cannot believe my allergies have been reversed. Okay, dairy has working on grains and gluten! (I topped it with delicious raspberry jam)

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