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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 16 - 24

Sorry I got so behind!

November 24, 2009: I decided to play SET, by myself. I was rusty but enjoyed my time of brain stimulation.

November 23, 2009: I went to Boston, for all of 5 hours! I cannot wait to find out if the trip was worth it - well, it was worth it, but yeah you know.... This is the Park Street T stop - and apparently the first subway stop ever.

November 22, 2009: We met up with our cousin Eric for brunch today. This is pretty typical - faces and slightly blurry... it was a fun morning.

November 21, 2009: What a dedicated (and talented) husband. He can apply make up, and well! Avi you are really lucky to have Ben.

November 20, 2009: How cool is this? The Renaissance Tower was reflecting the sky!

November 19, 2009: So, you can watch TV in NYC cab's - they even have GPS. Got to love 2009!

November 18, 2009: I found a penny today, I hadn't found one in a long time and it made me smile!

November 17, 2009: I went a bit highlighter happy trying to find the right color that wouldn't shmeer, etc. Atleast it looks pretty, right?

November 16, 2009: I hadn't used a thumb drive in forever, but needed it for a presentation. I didn't realize I had such a collection.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 11 - 15


November 15, 2009: Nothing says fall like squash. I had a delicious acorn squash topped with cinnamon tonight. Makes me get really excited for Thanksgiving.

November 14, 2009: So this is meant to be rotated another 90ยบ to the right, but still looks cool. I walked into Georgetown tonight and had fun taking pictures of the wall around the Russian Embassy. The stones had an interesting color from the damp past 3 days.

November 13, 2009: Day 3 of rain! Thank you Hurricane Ida.... at least my wellies are getting a workout!

November 12, 2009: We took a field trip to the Apple Store today. The kids had a blast learning about iphoto and making photo books and slideshows and we got t-shirts!

November 11, 2009: I tried this minty water - oddly refreshing. Think spearmint gum but water....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 5 - 10

November is flying by, I don't know how I feel about that!!!

November 10, 2009: I looked down on the counter while doing my dishes and thought this looked too much like Spongebob, sad but true.

November 9, 2009: Seriously? Neopets? I don't think my neopets can possibly be still alive any more! Hope the Neopets animal welfare people don't come after me....

November 8, 2009: 'Tis the season... time to bring out the humidifier for the winter months. I got myself a new one this year and am quite pleased with it so far.

November 7, 2009: Mazal Tov JSA! We had the annual Bar Mitzvah party and it was a blast!!

November 6, 2009: I follow the Kabbalistic (no I am not a Kabbalist) practice of wearing a red string from Israel to absorb negative energy around me. It falls off or breaks when it can no longer absorb negative energy. Mine fell off today after two months. Oddly enough I put on right around the time I sent my application to Wheelock and today I found out the last part of the application got there - weird!!

November 5, 2009: Z-Ville went to the Tenley Fire Station today. It was a great trip and we learned a ton about how they do their work. There were 2 calls while we there too!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 1 - 4

Holy November, Batman!

November 4, 2009: First morning it's below 40 degrees, brrrr.

November 3, 2009: My first Froyo experience. This place is awesome, self-serve and delicious!

Novermber 2, 2009: I typically do not like to brag, but this is my blog and I am proud of my midterm grade!

November 1, 2009: I am moving up in the world of coffee - I admit I still use my instant Folgers but I do have a french press now!