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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Days 29-31

One month down!! Wow - this has already been amazing! It has made me slow down and find something memory worthy everyday. This month I captured pre-dawn skyskapes, cheese pizzas, birthdays, and meeting Ann Curry! I cannot wait to see what the next month brings!!

January 31, 2009: Tonight I got a free dinner! There is a restaurant called BD's Mongolian BBQ. You choose a bunch of meats/fish/veggies/sauces and they stir-fry it for you on this massive grill. I had a birthday meal so we celebrated again!

January 30, 2009: What a week! Before shabbat started I thought that these lights were just so simple and beautiful and captured the end of a hectic week!

January 29, 2009: This was one of those days where I was worried I would find anything photo worthy. But as I walking back from the south side of campus where I rarely am I looked up at the huge crane building the new SIS building. I love heights, but it is the falling I fear. I cannot imagine climbing up this crane daily!
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Days 25-28

January 28, 2009: The morning after the ice/sleet/snow storm. I thought the mini icicles all around the lights was really cool looking!

January 27, 2009: Snow in DC! Son of a gun! The quad looks really pretty in the snow, in my opinion.

January 26, 2009: I took this because DC was gearing up for the snow and with hours before it would start this plow was parked on the street, engine on, and ready for action. See above and it got its way!

January 25, 2009: This was taken at a lovely Thai place in Annapolis. I went up there with our friends the Gaus-Gross clan. Here are Isabel and Daniel with me. Later we went and heard Ladysmith Black Mambazo - very awesome night!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Days 21-24

January 24, 2009: Okay couldn't pick for today so I am putting 2! The top is my first legally ordered drink! The bottom is me and my yummy cakes mere seconds before blowing out the candles! What a fabulous day!

January 23, 2009: This post is simple enough. The last picture of me being 20! Mere seconds before going to sleep!

January 22, 2009: While the fact that I got fingerprinted is far more exciting, yet sadly not post-able this is the resulting picture of the day. This is all my books/binders/texts of the semester - oh my!

January 21, 2009: Here is a picture that captures one of the purposed of Project 365. I was carrying my camera as always and when walking quickly through our spiritual life center this scene caught my eye - and I was able to capture the moment. I love those stained glass windows!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 20 - a momentous day

Okay I promise after today I will go back to my posts being a few days at a time! This just couldn't wait!!

January 20, 2009: A new day for America! Okay, so I captures it on TV but it still counts, I saw it - my view may have been better (and warmer then those down on the Mall) and it makes it no less special that it was on tv! I am proud to live in America today and cannot wait for the future to unfold!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 19

Okay so today's post couldn't wait either! I decided on a whim to head down to Georgetown to do some retail therapy (birthday coupons rock) and I saw this person!

January 19, 2009: This profile is the profile of the one and only Ann Curry. As in the Today show host who I have watched every morning since I was little. I walked out of a store and did a double take - she was in street clothes but looked awfully familiar and then I saw the large camera and NBC press pass. I took this picture 5 seconds before I got the guts to say "Excuse me, are you Ann Curry?" Indeed she is! She shook my hand and asked where I was from and when I said I go to AU she asked about it and then I decided to be polite and not ask for a formal picture and we parted ways! SO AMAZING!!

Day 18 deserved its own post...

This needed its own post. No not because the Eagles are going to the Superbowl, but because they blew it and are going home. 

January 18, 2009: Here is a sullen Donavan McNabb with around 1:43 on the clock. It was clear that the season was over (oh and hopefully his career with the Birds). He is a great guy but an erratic player! Oh well!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Days 16-17

Here are the last 2 days - It looks like it works best to update every 2 days - no promises though! And once again reverse order! Enjoy (-:

January 17, 2009: They say when playing Apples to Apples the green cards you win describe your personality. I would say I am yummy but soggy? Okay I do cry easily when watching movies - but that's mushy/sappy not soggy!

January 16, 2009: That was the temperature at the "warmest" time of the day! It only got colder over the weekend! 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Days 14-15

Here are the last 2 days, I figured I may not get another chance to update until Sunday so I didn't want to leave any followers hanging! If you are a follower mind leaving a comment or becoming an official "follower" I want to feel "followed"! (you need not have an account to comment - so fear not)

PS: once again they are in reverse order

January 15, 2009: So third times a charm? Let's hope so or Steve Jobbs may want to hide from me! This is the picture of me starting up my third (yes 3rd) macbook in a 2.5 years. Not sure I am cursed, my powerbook was a gem before I started the macbook series. We'll see!

January 14, 2009: This is big folks! Yes that is REAL DAIRY cream cheese! And I ate it! Wow it was soooo good. I cannot believe my allergies have been reversed. Okay, dairy has working on grains and gluten! (I topped it with delicious raspberry jam)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Days 11-13

Here are the last few days. Once again they are in reverse order, so if you want to view them in order you can scroll down to the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

January 13, 2009: I saw this while Grocery shopping at Whole Foods today - a definite "what's wrong with this" moment! I am usually amused when shopping that the gluten free mixes are often sold next to the viral wheat gluten. Oh well!

January 12, 2009: First day of the Spring semester, and what better way to start it off then by a picture of me! Sorta like when parents take pictures on all the other first days of school, now its left up to me.

January 11, 2009: This was on the train back to DC to start Spring semester. I usually am very apprehensive about beginning the semester but this time it felt good to return and I thought it would be good to take a picture of my "journey."

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Days 6-10

Here are the rest of this weeks photos in reverse order so if you want to start with Tuesday scroll down to the bottom of the post!

January 10, 2009: Okay not the best shot by a long shot (no pun intended) but i wanted to get a picture of me and mom on my last night home for a little bit. We were snowed in and hanging out watching movies.

January 9, 2009: This is how much (or little, depends on how you see it) light there was when we left our house Friday morning for minyan. Hopefully I won't be up before the sun for a while now, since winter break is ending.

January 8, 2009: This was the view at around 7am from the back parking lot of my shul. My mom gets there that early to go to morning minyan before work. While I was home for break I joined her, and got to see the sunrise.

January 7, 2009: Pizza! Dairy pizza! I made a homemade dairy pizza, after successfully completing treatment to reverse my allergies! It was delicious. 
January 6, 2009: This is The front side of my shul - actually that is the entire sanctuary. I thought it was fitting to take picture since we spend tons of time there, espesially since my mom runs the nursery school.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Days 4 and 5

January 4, 2009: In the last several years we have driven over the George Washington Bridge numerous times. This time we took the upper deck, the weather was beautiful, and we were on our way to an engagement party - made for a great photo!

January 5, 2009: Coming home today the sunset by the Hudson River was gorgeous and the river was all icey - the river may be toxic but it is scenic.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

First 3 days

Here are the first three of 2009 - today's will come later when I get it off the camera.

January 1, 2009: My new bed! After 18 years in my lovely twin bed I have graduated to a nice full, and a nice new mattress to go along with it. 

January 2, 2009: My first dairy grilled cheese in 11 years. After successfully reversing my dairy allergy I enjoyed a perfect grilled cheese sandwich, not a bad way to begin the year.

January 3, 2009: We went to see Winter Wonderlights
 at the mansion of Washington Irving, this was my favorite
 picture, these are flowers of light made from milk jugs.
 I found them stunning and the lights against the
 snow is gorgeous.

Kicking off Project 365

I heard about Project 365 via the blog grape-vine and really took a liking to the idea of photographing your life through the year. I have always enjoyed taking pictures and do so often. The idea behind Project 365 is simple:
- take your camera/camera phone with you everywhere
- take at-least 1 picture a day
- post it to a blog or somewhere you can share with others
- explain why you took this particular photo
- see how your life unfolds during another journey around the sun

So here I go - 4 days down, 4 very different choices of pictures!