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Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 25 - 31

The end of month 5 already?? Where has time gone??

May 31, 2009: First dip in the pool!!! It was a bit breezy but I eventually braved the water for a full dunk! It was a nice break after 6 hours of hardcore packing....

May 30, 2009: After synagogue today I decided to pull out the Red Sox shirt for the first time this season - of course it was picture worthy! And even more it was artsy photo worthy.....

May 29, 2009: This is the Tarrytown Music Hall.  I was strolling around Main Street today before my chiropractor appointment and since after we move we won't be around this lovely river front street as often I wanted to take a picture of this gorgeous facade.

May 28, 2009: And so it begins.... I packed these 13 boxes in an hour (new record) the move is coming up and the packing frenzy is speeding up!

May 27, 2009: We saw 2 rabbits outside our shul on the way home today! They sat there while we rolled down the window and snapped pictures of them! I love rabbits and miss the days of having one as a pet.
May 26, 2009: The car got new breaks today, big yay! No more shaky stops on the highway.
May 25, 2009: Mom's food trial today! She got to try almond butter and it went well!! She has had it a few more times since and she is doing great. 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 18 - 24

Okay, big catch up - I will be better, I hope at uploading this week!!

May 24, 2009: Mindy and Lisa got married!! It was so special to be there and they looked so happy and the afternoon was lovely. May they have many years of joy together!!

May 23, 2009:  Okay, no lie - this is the only picture I took today - crossing from Manhattan into the Bronx on the way out of the city where we were for services today - not my best - but at least I took a picture, right?

May 22, 2009: Shabbat Shalom.  What is important is the challah basket...under the cover is challah (gluten-free!) - It was the first shabbas in a very long time I have had challah - it was such a great way to start a special shabbas.

May 21, 2009: Hofsta hacking! If you look at the 2 hofsta in the foreground and the 2 after the steps you will see a progression of the hofsta hacking in my front yard by the local deer herd, yes deer, have been eating my plants!

May 20, 2009: This is the sanctuary of my shul.  I love how light and airy it is - the picture doesn't do it justice and it was getting dark out, too.  I was able to take this because we were at shul for the religious school end of year ceremony - otherwise it is Saturday and not possible!

May 19, 2009: That's a lot of miles!

May 18, 2009: Back in White Plains for the summer - and come June 10th I will be a full time White Plains resident.  My mom and I are moving from Tarrytown to WP.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 11-17

A big catch up post! Enjoy!!

May 17, 2009: WAWA! I enjoyed my cup of Wawa coffee, all is right in the world, okay so no where near that, but you know what I mean if you know how amazing Wawa coffee is!
May 16, 2009: Last Sunday I watched Dan play baseball, today I got to hear his sister Isabel play in her violin recital. She was fabulous and is so talented.

May 15, 2009: I stayed with my dad in a hotel last night, see the footboard of my bed in the picture below! I always look for the bible, don't ask me why - I just do it! 

May 14, 2009: Meet my storage unit, and my stuff, have a nice summer stuff!

May 13, 2009: This was my 6th grade class (minus 2) - they were a great group and I will miss them next year, but will still see them I am sure!

May 12, 2009: I saw Star Trek, wow so good!!!

May 11, 2009: I was flipping through AU's 2008 yearbook that my roommate Jen bought and there I and the rest of the JSA board were!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 8-10


May 10, 2009: I was out in VA today and went to Dan's little league game.  He and his team did amazingly and two seconds after I clicked this pic he hit the ball on a nice line drive! Go Colts!

May 9, 2009: My roommate, Jen, graduated today from AU, you don't receive your actual diploma but get a empty holder and this fancy clock and case. Wow, that will be me next year!!

May 8, 2009: I had a girls day with Robyn and Jen at a local nail spa and got a mani/pedi - this was right before the color went on, now my toes are a lovely shade of "cool in the pool" - got to love being pampered!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 5-7

The first batch from summer vacation!

May 8, 2009: I went to the US Postal Museum today. It was quite informative! This picture was taken in the stamp exhibit - dance stamps how cool!

May 6, 2009: I spent a nice relaxing afternoon at Barnes and Noble. I had to get a GRE study book, ick and bought 'Water for Elephants' as a special treat, one night in and it is good!

May 5, 2009: Yummy!! I made a nice dinner to celebrate the end of junior year. A baked fillet of red snapper, a delicious artichoke, and sauteed spaghetti squash, yum yum yum!

Monday, May 4, 2009

May 1 - 4

Is it the 5h month of 2009 already? WOW!

May 4, 2009: First, note that on the first afternoon of my summer (yes!) vacation I am in socks (it's 57ยบ out). Second it is the message of my socks (brandname actually) that I am conveying - no nonsense is my approach to summer vacation! Not sure what I mean by that, but I have time to figure it out!!

May 3, 2009: Sudoku dummy no longer! After years of working on the 240 puzzles in this book I finally finished the last of the diabolical ones! I think I have had this book since junior year of high school...

May 2, 2009: Thing 1 and thing 2 aka Tamar D. and Tamar SB - I co-teach with another Tamar and this is how we are referred to around the school (-:

May 1, 2009: I kicked the habit. I rid myself of the only food/drink I was consuming that contained corn syrup.  I for months justified my daily propel as being part of my hour plus workout so it was "okay" but after surviving Passover without it I realized that I could go cold turkey and give up the corn syrupy drink!