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Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 23 - 27

September 27, 2009: I laughed hard when I saw this. I know what it meant, but in my head I could only envision a sign telling me to beware of peds, as in the little stockings women wear under know when they come out of the dryer their static electricity is something to be aware of!

September 26, 2009: I went out to have Thai food with a friend. I love the decor of this restaurant. There is a waterfall in one of the stone structures, very cool setting.

September 25, 2009: It's beginning to look a like fall! There is a damp chill in the air, the jeans are out, and the sandals are put away!

September 24, 2009: I mailed my application to Wheelock today. Scotty, the man working at the UPS store was so kind to take a picture with my application all ready to travel to Boston!

September 23, 2009: They finally broke ground (ceremonially) in Tenly Town for the new library! They knocked the old one down when I first arrived at AU...who loves red tape!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 18 - 22

Happy 5770!

September 22, 2009: Nothing like rotting one's brain after an exam by playing snood! I forgot how much fun that game is and how much time I wasted playing it.....

September 21, 2009: Already through a page on a syllabus!

September 20, 2009: I have this odd skill (not sure if that's the word) where I look at the clock at 1:24 (my birthdate) almost every day.... it's spooky and I finally caught it on camera!

September 19, 2009: Our new fruits for the new year! Sabra and Asian pear - so delicious.

September 18, 2009: Shana Tova - we had honeycrisp apples with blueberry blossom honey to celebrate!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 13 - 17

September 17, 2009: My dad met Chef Jen Carroll who is a current contestant on Top Chef Las Vegas and got me a personalized autograph!!!!! Is it sad I freak out for a chef's autograph and not the hottest singer?

September 16, 2009: I had to empt my kitchen for a pest inspection. Today I was happy I have 4 cabinets!

September 15, 2009: My to do list for the day, oy vey....

September 14, 2009: This truck is for maintenance supplies, the picture just made me laugh!

September 13, 2009: Fly Eagles Fly!! The Eagles had a great game!! Let's hope this is just the beginning of a great season.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 10 - 12

September 12, 2009: A new year at BJC. My 5th Judaic class is an adorable bunch and I am looking forward to a new year with them!

September 11, 2009: I was feeling exhausted tonight so I didn't go up to campus for shabbat services or dinner but ordered in much needed Indian food. I had never ordered from this place before and it was so good! Pakoras, Bagan Bartha, and Dal Mahgani...yum.

September 10, 2009: Mindy's aunt got a new cat. Her name is Gizmo and she's 13 weeks old. If you've never held a hairless cat they are really soft in a bald-fuzzy kind of way!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 4 - 9

Happy 09-09-09!

September 9, 2009: I got a new fridge!!!! After days of the old one going south I finally convinced the maintenance men it was dying and I got this pretty new one! No more dying foods!

September 8, 2009: Poor AU shuttle! I also didn't know they made tow trucks that big! Hope the shuttle doesn't have "shuttle flu"

September 7, 2009: Eli, Max, and I worked on JSA's 2010 budget today. In 3 hours we wrote a 17 page proposal, enclosed fliers from past events, and pictures, phew! Now we submit it and wait!

September 6, 2009: Play ball! I went to the Nationals v. Marlins game with friends today. I brought along my Nikon and its zoom lens! It was so much fun to use - wouldn't know we were in the second to last row by the looks of this picture would you?

September 5, 2009: I went out to our friends the Gaus-Grosses today and Dan and I had quite the game of Jenga! We had it 33 rows high (2 away from the world record) when gravity finally had its way! We had the whole house captivated and very still, even the cats!

September 4, 2009: It's the little things in life.... I love coupons, there aren't many for the foods I buy so when I find ones for products I enjoy I am thrilled. Today I got a letter from home with coupons in it! It made my day!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 1 - 3

Happy September!

Sept. 3, 2009: Can you see my attractive sandal tan? Yup, I try to wear cute shoes to work today and one of the cute 2nd graders goes - "whoa, your feet are two colors..." thanks!

Sept. 2, 2009: I finally have all my books for classes here. Looks like a good semester!

Sept. 1, 2009: Rent day! My first time paying rent, since my roommate last year submitted the checks. Ah the joys of growing up!