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Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 25 - 31

The end of month 5 already?? Where has time gone??

May 31, 2009: First dip in the pool!!! It was a bit breezy but I eventually braved the water for a full dunk! It was a nice break after 6 hours of hardcore packing....

May 30, 2009: After synagogue today I decided to pull out the Red Sox shirt for the first time this season - of course it was picture worthy! And even more it was artsy photo worthy.....

May 29, 2009: This is the Tarrytown Music Hall.  I was strolling around Main Street today before my chiropractor appointment and since after we move we won't be around this lovely river front street as often I wanted to take a picture of this gorgeous facade.

May 28, 2009: And so it begins.... I packed these 13 boxes in an hour (new record) the move is coming up and the packing frenzy is speeding up!

May 27, 2009: We saw 2 rabbits outside our shul on the way home today! They sat there while we rolled down the window and snapped pictures of them! I love rabbits and miss the days of having one as a pet.
May 26, 2009: The car got new breaks today, big yay! No more shaky stops on the highway.
May 25, 2009: Mom's food trial today! She got to try almond butter and it went well!! She has had it a few more times since and she is doing great. 

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