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Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 19

Okay so today's post couldn't wait either! I decided on a whim to head down to Georgetown to do some retail therapy (birthday coupons rock) and I saw this person!

January 19, 2009: This profile is the profile of the one and only Ann Curry. As in the Today show host who I have watched every morning since I was little. I walked out of a store and did a double take - she was in street clothes but looked awfully familiar and then I saw the large camera and NBC press pass. I took this picture 5 seconds before I got the guts to say "Excuse me, are you Ann Curry?" Indeed she is! She shook my hand and asked where I was from and when I said I go to AU she asked about it and then I decided to be polite and not ask for a formal picture and we parted ways! SO AMAZING!!

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  1. How neat and i like the perspective of the photo.