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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well. Here I am 3 months into Project 365. It has had its amazing moments and photos and also some challenges in finding something to take a picture of that day.  Some days I spend all my time thinking "what will be tomorrow's picture" or "oh no it is already 3pm and I have no picture." So after much internal debating I have had to come to terms with the fact that it is too much of a hassle and it is affecting my life too much to continue doing project 365.  I will always look for great snapshots of my day and will for sure look for the beauty in my daily life because I know I have gained that over the last 3 months.  Maybe I will try again in the next few years when my days are more varied and my life a bit more interesting. So until then thank you for following me on this journey up until now and I hope we meet again... you can also scroll down and see the last pictures of my journey around the sun.

April Fools!!!!
Did I have you there? Really? Oh stop it! I really was planning this all day!! Okay without further ado the last few days, and no worried I AM CONTINUING to do Project 365, so keep checking back!

April 1, 2009: JSA held a fundraiser at the local smoothie place today. We got a percentage of the profits from noon-8. I enjoyed a yummy smoothie and held my club, yay!

March 31, 2009: Have I mentioned AU is gorgeous in the spring? Here is a picture to prove that. 

March 30, 2009: I saw this deer from my living room window along with 2 others eating their breakfast! I ran grabbed my camera with high zoom lens, attached it and grabbed this shot as the deer ran off!

March 29, 2009: Pesach shopping! Of course these two items I cannot and will not eat but they pretty much capture the spirit of Passover, matzah and gefilte fish. Okay so there is a ton more to the spirit of the holiday, I mean the spirit found in the Pesach aisle at Giant!

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