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Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 12 - 16

Half-way through another month, wow!

April 16, 2009: There's the sun! It was a gorgeous Spring day today with not a single cloud visible. I was hanging out on a bench on the quad before class and thought the AU and US flag looked quite picturesque. 

April 15, 2009: Today was the 11th anniversary of getting diagnosed with Central Auditory Processing Defecit and the beginning of a long road of learning about who I was and how to still be a bumblebee flying in the air! I am flying but an air head - I made the sign I am holding and then took the picture and THEN realized it was mirror image OOPS!

April 14, 2009: April showers bring may flowers because it rains so hard, it floods and the pilgrims float ashore! It POURED for 2 days straight, we do need the rain, but did it have to be 45 degrees and rainy, in April!?

April 13, 2009: Mailing my taxes, Uncle Sam dipped into the pockets this year but it could have been worse right? I mean it would have been better if I received a check but guess not!

April 12, 2009: At our JSA board meeting we also celebrated Rachel's 20th birthday with 'yummy' Pesach cookies! She was very happy - the facial expression is a running JSA joke of pictures of her and food.

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