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Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 21-25

Enjoy the latest pictures from my "trip"

April 25, 2009: AU has so many gorgeous lavender plants, and many other amazing plants around campus.  This morning walking to the metro to head to work I saw the first lavender bud - not so aromatic yet, but I bet by next week it will be! 

April 24, 2009: I got an iced italian soda (i guess they only come iced, hm?) today before going into an extra credit thing and was surprised to see the above on the coat.  We (my family and me) have known that many plastic cups, etc are made with corn as a binding agent, which for my mom who is very allergic to corn - very nice to know that it is clear as day that she CANNOT drink from this cup!

April 23, 2009: I am a jury duty magnet! Seriously, this is the 4th time I have been called - first time in NY - and man they are much stricter on the whole postponing - in NJ, just mail a reason why - and maybe they will try again.  NY - you enter a date when you are available and you better show up then - or dun dun dun....

April 22, 2009: This picture was taken by a guest blogger - the little girl I shadowed all semester "C" she was looking at my camera and wanted to take a picture of her cuddlies - Lambie and Contour. 

April 21, 2009: Okay, so you cannot totally see it - so it is either a picture of the red random rash on my cheek - or a very odd picture or me (-:

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