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Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 28 - 31

Where did October go, really!? 10 months of the challenge gone - wow.

October 31, 2009: I spent my Halloween baking oatmeal cookies! I had a huge container of oats from making apple crisp 3 weeks ago and I decided to bake! They came out so good and my place smells great as a result!

October 30, 2009: I cannot believe Sue Thomas is back on TV (syndication of course). I loved this show - it gave me hope every Sunday night that I could go somewhere, well 4 years later and I'm somewhere!

October 29, 2009: I cannot believe that DCPS gets it milk boxes from Wawa! The closet Wawa, that I know about, is in Annapolis!! I miss Wawa!

October 28, 2009: A christmas tree, in October? Next year they will be putting up after Labor day...

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