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Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 2 - 8

October is flying by already it feels like!!

October 8, 2009: I majorly dislike dusting. The one chore I drag my feet doing! I dusted 2 weeks ago and already this much has accumulated, ick!

October 7, 2009: It was SOO windy today! Up to 40 mph gusts. I tried to capture this poor tree getting pushed so far by the wind!

October 6, 2009: I had dinner with some JSA friends today in the sukkah on the quad - I love Sukkot!!

October 5, 2009: IKEA was true to their word. The box this bulb came in said it would last some 3500+ hours. Since I bought the lamp and put in this bulb LAST August I never changed it, until Monday... that has to be 3500+ hours or more!

October 4, 2009: I love ironing, it probably comes from when I did it at home in my high school days I was allowed to watch tv. You can see that nothing has changed!

October 3, 2009: Chag Sukkot Sameach!! We had a fin morning at Religious School shaking the lulav and etrog!

October 2, 2009: This little squirrel was so adorable as it munched on its afternoon acorn.

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