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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 26 - 30

Wow - 5 months around the sun down - only 7 more to go until 2010! Crazy!!

June 30, 2009: I began back at the school I worked at last summer - I loved this license of one of the speech therapists - She sure helps the kids with this!
June 29, 2009: I was behind this car and proudly proclaimed - so am I! *disclaimer - taken while stopped at a traffic light!*

June 28, 2009: The red sign says "Mandrake" - ring a bell from Harry Potter? (Need a clue?) How about the 2nd book? Yup, this is a real mandrake - the plant used in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to revive those petrified by the big snake whose name I cannot spell - cool!!

June 27, 2009: I love the lighting on the tree in our yard.  It was a breezy afternoon and the combo of the leaves moving and light was too good to not snap a picture of!

June 26, 2009:  We end up spending Shabbas with my Zayda in the hospital - the lovely Ladies'  D'Satmar Bikur Cholim group cooked him a lovely dinner and I loved how the plastic bag says Reguah Shalemah (a full recovery). May it be so!

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