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Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 22 - 25

June 25, 2009: It stopped raining (finally) so I was able to plant the flowers we bought in our yard! I planted a day lily (the yellow in the background) marigolds, impatients, butter fly plants, and basil! It looks very pretty!

June 24, 2009: My cousins came over today and we hung out after seeing UP in 3D (amazing!) we played floor croquet - it was a fun relaxing afternoon!

June 23, 2009: After eating dairy again for almost a year and finally made mac and cheese! It was very good!! 

June 22, 2009: It was the first day of camp at my mom's nursery school.  I made this cute poster to hang to welcome the kids and parents.  It is hard to see, but says "Welcome to Camp 2009" I drew pics of the class names: Red Robins, Smiling Faces, Busy Bees, Teddy Bears, and Sun Fish - it is off to a great start!

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