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Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 17 - 21

Here are the latest!

June 21, 2009: Happy Father's Day Zayda!! We had my cousins and Zayda over for a lovely lunch.

June 20, 2009: FG helped  cook dinner tonight!  He helped test out Totsui (like boc-choi) and garlic scapes, in a yummy stir-fry!

June 19, 2009: Ah the joys of a yard....I haven't mowed the lawn in 2 years, now I get to do it again! Woohoo ?

June 18, 2009: We have a special visitor this summer! Flat Gabe - is our dear friend Gabriel Hafter who is traveling all around the world this summer. We look forward to many adventures with Gabe!

June 17, 2009: Our first CSA pick-up of the year! We have enjoyed so many great veggies so far and are looking forward to many more delicious deliveries! 

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