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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 11 - 16

Tons of moving memories in the past few days!

June 16, 2009: Oh look what Mom unpacked, me! For our eventually being mailed out "we've moved" cards I had the cute idea to have a picture of us "living in boxes" ever so literally!
Alternative caption: "is it clear to come out?"

June 15, 2009: "Discover White Plains" I saw this sign around City Center while walking home from the gym - it helped me begin to feel at home in my new neighborhood - our goal this summer is to discover WP.

June 14, 2009: Let the unpacking begin, my new room in the unpacking stage - in the next 24 hours I had it much more unpacked!

June 13, 2009: Mr. Jackson giving me some love.  Doesn't this sorta kinda remind you of that famous painting with the two fingers touching? OKay not so much but a little? Work with me here!

June 12, 2009: One awesome thing about Longwood Gardens' outdoor stage is that after the performance they have a fountain light show.  After Savoy's performance of Pirates of Penzance I relaxed in the wings and snapped this. 

June 11, 2009: On the move - this was driving down our old street behind the moving truck.  Even in my past 2 moves I had never done the typical follow the moving truck - we either were moving cross town and got there first or moved states and again went a day ahead. 

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