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Sunday, August 2, 2009

July 29 - August 2

August already! Wow!!!

August 2, 2009: We had FUN today! This is Kykuit, the home of the Rockafellar family what an amazing home and grounds, and what a nice day!

August 1, 2009: We finally got artwork on our walls!!!!

July 31, 2009: This is one of the kids in my class this summer, with our speech therapist Katie.  He forgot his backpack today and we gave him this bag to carry home is project, he decided to wear it as a backpack himself! So smart!

July 30, 2009: Time to research grad schools!! I feel like just yesterday I was researching colleges!

July 29, 2009: We get a community supported agriculture share each week, this little fella tagged along home on the celery stalk, he was not allowed to stay for so long, as this was a dairy cutting board (-:

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