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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 17 - 26

The internet is back and so am I!

August 26, 2009: I have internet - see the full signal bar up there! I survived really well since I got here with limited internet. It is nice to be able to have a good connection again, phew!

August 25, 2009: Mindy the grill master at the FYSH BBQ - It was a fun afternoon of food and schmoozing!

August 24, 2009: And senior year begins!!! I had 2 classes today and my internship - it was a great start to the year!

August 23, 2009: And the Mezuzah is up!

August 22, 2009: Meet my kitchen-ette - the oven doesn't even open all the way! I hope this counts as my quirky apartment for my lifetime!!

August 21, 2009: All moved in and coming together!

August 20, 2009: My duvet cover is impossible to put on - it involves climbing into the duvet cover and putting the stuffing where it goes - mom took advantage of this to take a picture...

August 19, 2009: Away we go! This is a flashback to a picture from when I first went to AU for freshman year. The paper says "senior year" oh well it was so sunny you cannot read it! Think I brought enough stuff??

August 18, 2009: This is Wrinkles, he is making his Blog debut. He usually wears PJs and an AU t-shirt but they were getting a bath so he was back in his birthday suite (-:

August 17, 2009: Almost all packed and ready to return to AU for senior year....where did summer go?

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