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Sunday, August 16, 2009

August 6-16

Sorry for the delay!

August 16, 2009: This is 13 Dartmouth street. Mom, Dad, and Avi lived there - it was Avi's first and only house in Boston before their moving to NJ.

August 15, 2009: Make way for Ducklings!!! We did more sightseeing today and went to the Boston Commons were there is this statue of the famous ducks from the beloved children's book!

August 14, 2009: We toured Boston today, the highlight? Touring FENWAY PARK!!! I was in heaven and learned so much about the team and stadium, next up a game there!

August 13, 2009: We went to Wheelock today to look at it as a prospective school - mom graduated there 26 years ago!

August 12, 2009: We drove to Boston for vacation/grad school searching and the Sox game was on in the lobby - so cool to watch them on TV from the town they were in!

August 11, 2009: We went to the amazing outlet mall today - I got some amazing deals and now cannot wait for fall to wear them!

August 10, 2009: There was an injured hawk on a fence at work today. We called the nature center to come rescue it but it moved away before the came...

August 9, 2009: We went to Norwalk, CT to the aquarium and they had adorable penguins - who have cute tushies!

August 8, 2009: Not going to lie, I took this at 11pm...but it shows how nice my room looks sine I finally hung my art work!

August 7, 2009: This recipe for Thai Salad rocks! We make it so often the page has love stains!

August 6, 2009: I went for a lovely bike ride this afternoon - the path goes under bridges that are over the Bronx River Pkwy - the view from the main street tunnel was beautiful.

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