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Monday, March 9, 2009

March 4-7

The next few days will come after I get back to DC or a little before that, I am having too much fun in Vegas to post!!

March 7, 2009: What a sunrise, a view from the room I am staying in, over a gorgeous lake, wow!

March 6, 2009: WOOHOO! Viva Las Vegas! So excited to land and spend time with the Hafters!

March 5, 2009: I was soooo ready to go to Vegas the next day feeling ecstatic may have been an understatement!!

March 4, 2009: Happy early Purim! I made some mishloach manot for my friends at school, but it was a week early since Purim falls in Spring Break. They included, chocolate chip scones, trail mix, hershey's snack pack, peanut butter cups, a party blower, and a cute card! I love Purim!

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