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Saturday, February 7, 2009

February 4-7

Here are my last few days! - My brain still things it is January! The 4 times I went to type February - January came out first, I bet by March I will figure out it's February! 

February 7, 2009: Grocery shopping! I love Trader Joe's I get 75% of my grocery items at this truly unique store. I always look forward to having to go food shopping there!

February 6, 2009: Well, today was a slow day so I thought the best photo-op (yes I combined two pictures) was of the two cameras I am using in this 365 journey. Of course when needed my cell phone camera will be a loyal substitute.

February 5, 2009: Thursdays are cleaning days! What a better way to get ready for Shabbat then clean?

February 4, 2009: Well, since I am at the gym everyday why not document it! I love working out around 8:30am at my building since there are rarely other people there, nice time to have time to myself.

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