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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 7 - 15

Sorry, I got so behind!! Enjoy!

December 15, 2009: I love Chanukah, mostly because I think burning candles are so amazing to watch. It may also have to do with my slight history as a pyromaniac (I never burned anything!). The lights looked really beautiful tonight!

December 14, 2009: I had my annual appointment with my audiologist. I will refrain from making any "can you hear me now" jokes. You are welcome.

December 13, 2009: Murphy and I played tug of war with her bunny. Yes, I know its a chicken, but all her toys are called bunnies. She has a strong jaw, its crazy, she wins every game.

December 12, 2009: Happy 2nd night of Chanukah! The first night candle decided to burn 2x faster.... no one told the candle there is no race going on.

December 11, 2009: I went to the ballet at the Kennedy Center tonight. It was a delightful evening and a wonderful show. It was my Chanukah gift to myself!

December 10, 2009: Punch buggy no punch backs! Look at this classic car, so amazing.

December 9, 2009: I am making this hamsa pillow for my mom. I added lined in the hand to define its parts, it came out so great.

December 8, 2009: Time to sell back books. I made a decent amount back, now its almost time to order next semester's books!

December 7, 2009: What a beautiful sunset tonight! I also have to say that this is an iPhone picture and is really good quality!

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