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Friday, July 24, 2009

July 18 - 23

Sorry for the delay - life took me on another journey this week.

July 23, 2009:  Another day where I had no drive to find something to photograph, this was all the grandchildren and my Bubbe and Zayda at my bat mitzvah, it was also their wedding anniversary.  My sister was 19, Josh was 15, I was almost 13, Shoshana was 6, and Yona was 4, His bar mitzvah is this fall, and we will be so sad Bubbe and Zayda won't be there to share in the simcha.  

July 22, 2009: I awoke to a nice sunny morning, and there was a barge slowly turning around on the river.  It was just me and the barge out on the patio (okay I was on the patio, the barge was on the river, you get the idea) and it was a nice peaceful moment.

July 21, 2009: There is a movie shooting down the street from my uncle, Going the Distance, it was the fun part of the week to drive by and hope to get a glimpse of a star, no such luck but I did drive by while they were shooting!

July 20, 2009: We went back to our roots to bury Zayda.  We passed good old exit 36 where I grew up on our way to exit 17 and Woodbine.

July 19, 2009: Today my Zayda died.  I had no energy to take a new picture but I love this one from when I was around 7 or 8 months old, I loved him so so much.

July 18, 2009: The worst day of my summer cold, thankfully it began to get better after that, but colds are no fun!

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