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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I love outtakes.....

I love outtakes. I miss the days when sitcoms rolled their credits with outtakes from that episode's filming.

Anywho... This week's I Heart Faces challenge is "Hilarious Outtakes." I so thought I had better ones to choose from and of course the one photo I want is not on my computer, darn pre-digital age!

This was in Oregon last June. My sister, her husband and I were out wine tasting and Ben always the jokester decided to pop in to the picture. It reminds me of that squirrel that popped into a picture later in the summer, you know, this one.

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  1. Oh that's so funny! Great shot! It looks like you have a great family! =)
    Thanks for taking the time to visit and leave a comment! Nice to meet ya!

  2. Ha! Ha! That's funny. I have 2 shots of my older boy doing that when I was trying to take a pic of his sister. So, boys do that even when they become men, eh? LOL!