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Saturday, January 2, 2010



A whole year. Measured in pictures. Amazing.

Well, I did it. I successfully completed Project 365. Some days it was tough, other days I had to comb through tons of pictures to figure out which to pick.

I realized a lot this year, that there is a lot of value to stepping back, slowing down, and not just passing life by. I noticed things this year, on campus, at home, in my daily life, that I otherwise wouldn't have noticed or wouldn't have remembered without a picture memory.

That is all great, but I have decided to not continue into 2010. I am still, out of a new habit, keeping my camera in my bag/always with me, but no longer need to feel obligated to take a picture.

I will keep this blog up as a site I can post cool photos I take and I have some photography projects in mind to tackle over the year some check back for those.

Thanks for following and enjoying my journey around the sun with me!!

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